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Trailside Café and Coffee House

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Eggs & Omelets

Breakfast Menu ~ Served All Day

Benedicts and Omelets
Served with Trailside Potatoes Fresh Fruit instead of Potatoes add 1.50

Classic Eggs Benedict, tender Canadian bacon 11.50

Pate’s Fave Benedict, fresh tomato & basil 11.50

Santa Barbara Benedict, smoked turkey breast & avocado 12.50

Smoked Salmon Benedict, with steamed spinach 13.95

Jalepeño Popper Omelet, with cream cheese and choice of toast 9.95

Tomato & Basil Omelet, with feta cheese and choice of toast 11.50

Denver Omelet, diced lean ham, bell pepper, tomato, onion & cheese with choice of toast 11.50

Steinbeck Omelet, spinach, sautéed mushrooms, onions and goat cheese with choice of toast 11.50

Tocino Omelet, crispy bacon, avocado and cheese with choice of toast 11.50

Toast Selection (Omelets Only):
Whole Wheat, Sourdough, Marbled Rye, English Mun with homemade Blueberry Jam, Bagel with Cream Cheese add 1.75

Eggs Your Way, 2 ranch eggs with choice of toast 6.95
*add 2 pieces smoked bacon or 2 sausages (pork or Aidell’s chicken mango) or a ham steak 8.95

Morning Specialties

French Beignets, Basket of 6……….. 6.95 Basket of 3………….. 4.95

Seanie's Egg Delight, A fried egg layered between English muns with bacon, tomato, and Tillamook Cheddar cheese, served with Trailside potatoes 8.50

Jose’s Special, Tofu scrambled with onion, garlic, spinach and tomato, served with fresh fruit and toast 9.95

Breakfast Burrito, Overstuffed with scrambled eggs, black beans, green chiles, onions, roasted red bell peppers and cheese. Topped with sour cream and salsa fresca, served with Trailside potatoes 11.50

Bella Breakfast, Scrambled egg whites with tomato & basil. Served with cottage cheese and fresh fruit 9.95

Huevos Rancheros, 3 fried eggs atop warm corn tortillas with black beans, a spicy tomato sauce, melted cheese, sour cream and fresh avocado 9.95

~add pieces of sausage, bacon or ham into above items for 1.50~

From the Griddle

Fresh Buttermilk Pancakes (3) 6.95

Blueberry Pancakes, berries baked inside 8.95

Buttermilk Pancakes with fresh seasonal berries 8.95

Babycakes, dollar and a half sized cakes 1.95 each, add chocolate chips 2.25 each, add blueberries 2.50 each

Wafflee with Fresh Strawberries, topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar 8.50

French Toast with Banana and Pecans or Toasted Almonds 8.95 with powdered sugar only 6.95

Trailside Breakfast Combo, 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage & 2 babycakes 8.95

Lighter Fare

Old Fashioned Oatmeal, cooked in milk 6.95 cooked in soy 7.95
*with fresh seasonal berries 8.95

Fresh Fruit Cup 4.95

Fresh Fruit Bowl 6.95

Cottage Cheese or Yogurt Cup 3.50

Granola, served with milk 4.95, with soy 5.95, add Bananas 1.00, add Berries 2.00

Yogurt with Fresh Fruit and Granola large 7.95, small 5.95

Morning Beverages


Community Mimosa, Bottle of Champagne and Carafe of OJ or Guava (serves 4-6)$28

Mimosa ~ OJ or Guava 5.50
Peach Bellini $6
Monterey Sunrise $6.50
Michelada $7
Hot Coffee 2.75
Hot Tea 1.95
Cafe au Lait 2.95
Espresso 2.50
con Panna 2.75
Americano 2.50
Jump Start 3.25
Cappuccino 2.95
Cafe Latte 3.50
Chai Latte 3.50
Cafe Mocha 3.75 extra espresso .50
Cafe Vanilla 3.75 with soy or flavor .50
Hot Chocolate 3.50
Hot Vanilla 3.50
Steamer 3.50
Milk 2.50/3.50
Grapefruit Juice 2.95/3.95
Pure Squeezed Orange Juice 2.95/3.95
Cranberry Juice 2.95/3.95
Martinelli's Apple Juice 2.95/3.95
Guava Juice 2.95/3.95
V-8 2.95

Our Café prides itself on serving the freshest, home cooked meals using quality, local (when avaiable) ingredients. We use drawn butter, very little salt, Soybean Oil with No Trans-fats for our frying, and we are Hormone and MSG free. Our carry out products are made from recycled paper or corn. A $.25 per box fee will be added to all TO-GO orders.

Please enjoy the atmosphere of the fresh sea air among the locals and please remember, Buy Local Monterey


All meals are made fresh to order. We ask that you please keep substitutions and special orders to a minimum to ensure faster service.

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